Entrepreneurship and the Long-term Effects of Disaster on Communities

Two weeks into sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I joined my coauthor, Jenni Dinger (Entrepreneurship faculty at Suffolk University) and I were guests on the University of Colorado’s Creative Distillation podcast. We joined hosts Jeff York and Brad Werner via Zoom to talk about how entrepreneurship can shape and be shaped by the long-term trajectory of communities recovering from disaster.

Miami Entrepreneurship Research on Post Disaster Business Models

A large portion of our discussion was focused on research Prof. Dinger and our colleagues did on the long-term effects of entrepreneurial action on communities following widespread disasters (tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, etc.) Our most recent paper on this topic [find it here] focuses on the long term health of disaster-affected communities in a holistic sense, not just in terms of economic recovery.

We also talked about the current COVID-19 crisis, the long term prospects for entrepreneurs and their local communities, and their relationships to one another. We wrap up the episode discussing practical advice for entrepreneurs and community leaders in the difficult months and years ahead.

About the Creative Distillation Podcast

Jeff and Brad, the hosts of Creative Distillation describe the podcast this way…

“The nexus for this podcast came about through conversations between Jeff and Brad about the value of entrepreneurship research. Brad brings a strong business perspective to the Deming Center that compliments Jeff’s focus on academic research. In each episode the pair will focus on a recent study and highlight how this academic research is valuable to not only our students, but the broader startup community.”

Referenced In This Article

  • Dinger, J., Conger, M., Hekman, D., & Bustamante, C. 2019. Somebody That I Used to Know: The Immediate and Long-Term Effects of Social Identity in Post-disaster Business Communities. Journal of Business Ethics. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10551-019-04131-w.
  • The Creative Distillation Research Podcast (on Soundcloud or anywhere fine podcasts are sold) 

About Michael Conger

Dr. Michael Conger, Ph.D. is the David F. Herche Endowed Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Farmer School of Business at Miami University in Oxford, OH. His research and teaching focus on how entrepreneurial action can contribute to solving social and environmental problems and the ways in which social enterprises are changing the role of business and organizations in society.